Q & A with Bruce Walsh

Holding the UR Press national bestsellers!

Why does the U of R Press need a one-year intern?

How will the internship contribute to the press?

I’ve wondered the same thing.

As a journalism graduate and a freelance writer, I find myself to be quite inquisitive about everything in general. When I first joined the U of R team, many questions crossed my mind such as; how do they find amazing writers? Do they know when they are about to publish a bestseller? What is the process of putting a book together? (I’ll save these questions for another blog.) Most importantly, what is the purpose of hiring an intern and what do they hope the intern will bring to the team?
I’ve decided to put on my journalist hat and ask these questions with the U of R Press Publisher Bruce Walsh.

Q & A:
What is the purpose of hiring a one-year intern?
For two reasons; one, we can always use the extra help. That is an important consideration and it comes with funding so that makes it possible for us to bring an extra person in. We specifically requested funding for a First Nations intern because the goal of the press over time is to always have First Nations interns. Down the road, all these people we trained can come back and run the press.Me & Bruce #3

What do you hope the intern will bring to the team and take away from the U of R Press?
I hope you leave here with a pretty clear understanding of how every aspect of the publishing process works. I never dreamt that you would actually bring us authors, that is kind of like the biggest part of what we do going out and finding authors. I think every time we hire somebody, whether an intern or not, it’s about being surprised of what they bring to the table. That’s a pretty big deal that you actually brought us some authors. We’ve only just begun and you’ve only been here six weeks. I would like to build up our First Nations staff here so that we have more experience that we are developing. Eventually I’m going to retire, other people are going to retire, and we can refresh the house with Indigenous knowledge and experience. That’s what I’m thinking in the long term picture.

What are you hopes and expectations for the next intern?
Well you’re kind of setting the bar high here. Somebody who’ll bring enthusiasm, a willingness to speak up and tell us what he or she thinks about everything we do. Publishing is about collaboration and when I first started here, we’d have our meetings and people participated in a way they haven’t before. It’s about bringing youthful energy into the house, it’s about bringing different ideas into the house, and it’s about encouraging confidence. My hope for all the people that work here, whether intern or not, everybody becomes a leader and an expert in their area. We’re not just trying to create books, that is our business; we’re trying to create leadership, a cultural renaissance around First Nations contribution to the country. I hope our publishing program creates beauty.Staff Pic 1


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